Holden Beach Area 

Brunswick county's beaches are calling...

Carolina Blue is everywhere; the ocean, the sky it is all around us

Situated along the most southeastern region of NC are the white sandy shores of Brunswick County.Sapphire blue water blazing red and gold sunsets make these islands among the most beautiful areas for relocation or vacation. Famous for their ideal location, the Brunswick Islands ore located between the Myrtle Beach, SC and Wilmington, NC. close enough to larger cities so you have entertainment, restaurants or shopping, but far enough away from the city traffic and routine that allows you to sit on the porch and hear the waves crash, the dolphin frolic and watch the gulls soaring along the horizon. Brunswick County's beaches encompass more than 45 miles of sandy white beaches. Sunset Beach, Ocean Isle, Holden Beach and Oak Island each with its own distinct characteristics, but each still share in the belief of Family and Family fun.

Shorts and short sleeve weather is common in the winter months and maybe an occasional jacket or sweat shirt in the early morning or evening. Rather you are walking the beaches with the sun in your face and the wind at your back or teeing it up on one of the areas 36 courses, many of which are championship courses. Riding down the green in your golf cart gazing on the alligators and turtles along the ponds pelicans flocking in the Waterway. Designed by some of the best known architects and professional golfers; Fred couples, Arnold Palmer, Clyde Johnson and Rees Jones to name a few have left their mark in Brunswick County along with their financial support.

From "Golf Coast" to Gulf Coast, people from all walks of life come to area for the beaches, swimming, boating, fishing and just having fun in the sun. The Gulf Stream is located 30 to 45 nautical miles off shore depending on the season and welcomes a variety of fish and wildlife. Come experience Brunswick County for yourself. We did, we left the snow and cold behind and have come to Brunswick County for all it offers and for what it doesn't offer. Come on down and enjoy a little of the south.

The sun shinning on my face, warm sand beneath my feet.