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It was amazing to see how the people of Brunswick County and the outside help have put our communities back together so quickly. Working like little elves, night and day, to get our communities and businesses up and running. Most of Brunswick County is a service industry greatly depending on the vacation rentals on our beaches. When a storm hits this greatly impacts the whole area, contractors, construction workers, electricians, wait staff in all our restaurants and stores and most everyone that is employed in this area. Many thanks to all for coming together to work as a community to get us up and running again. Yes, there are still areas with damage and it is being addressed as rapidly as possible.

Our golfing and waterway communities in Brunswick County which includes many, the HOA's worked diligently to clear the roads of trees and debris to gain access in and out. Our golf course in Lockwood Folly was up and running with golfers enjoying a round of golf yesterday.

Our mainland properties and businesses are looking good, it took some time but with everyone's efforts Shallotte, Sunset Beach, Ocean Isle, Oak Island, Southport and the Holden Beach areas are looking good.

People to the north of us in Leland and parts of Boiling Springs Lakes are still dealing with significant damage but repairs are continuing. There are still people in shelters and many people in need in our area and any donations will be welcome. To ensure your financial help is received in Brunswick County, mark your donations as HURRICANE RELIEF and send to our local Brunswick Family Assistance ( 

Brunswick County is open for business, come and enjoy our beaches